Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello World!

Well once again we meet oh scathy blog. Scathy You say? Yes, scathy, its like pirate talk and general crap-talking rolled into one. Why is the blog scathy to me? Well lets just say I had a little ol blog not too long ago when I was preggars with my first precious bb. (See pictures on the right of the cutest little shnookie in the world, especially the one with her toe in her mouth. Oh she's freaking amazing!) I wrote about my general malaise so much that when I started to feel better, which wasn't until she was born, I just couldn't look at it ever again. I still can't. So this is a new fresh blog all about life as a new mommy, well not just a new mommy. I'm a new mommy that is trying to have an opera career.Unfortunately I didn't realize I wanted that until I was much older than most of the "other" girls competing for my same roles. But alas, a wild heart is hard to tame or some other such nonsense.

So this post is titled Hello World! Kind of fitting for a new mommy, get it? New baby saying hello world??? ok that was dumb and I hope you are smart enough to ignore any other such stupid comment that comes out of my mouth. Warning: this blog will be full of stupid comments. Enjoy!


  1. Can't wait to read more.
    Visit us on a trip to NYC.
    We can be a pit stop.
    You can teach piano
    for an hour
    and sing opera
    with Ceily!